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Crazy horse

Crazy horse

The Eiffel Tower has just been built for the Paris Exhibition of 1889, new glittering monuments emerged in the center and the Impressionist movement was at its peak. In the early 20th century, Paris marked the beginning of the glorious Abel era. People had money to spend and they were free from revolutions and wars for the first time in history – and with the boom came decadence and hedonism. See Pigal’s brothels and cabaret.

At the end of the 18th century, Paris was alive when much of the action took place in the dark and hazy corners of the Pigalle neighborhood in the 18th arrondissement. Formerly the Red Light District of Paris, Pigalle today, is closer to being a toy town reminiscent of its glorious heyday rather than an organic center of Parisian culture, but its many cabaret like Red Mill Built in 1889, and the latter more Next to him Built in 1946, still manages to attract the masses from around the world; An audience whose magic is mNu’s art‘(The Art of the Naked or’ The Naked Art ‘) remains intact.

Usually particularly kitschy, the cabaret says more to Las Vegas than Paris, even in France. Often burlesque, the performances of women poorly dressed in feathers and sequins in a strategic location tend to be aimed at adults. Cabaret is very much concerned with the nostalgia of glamor and glamor from the late 19th century. And although cabaret does not have much to do with contemporary culture, it still constitutes a building block for French humor, the perception of gender roles and society’s attitude towards the female body.

The first cabaret of Paris was Le Chat Noir in 1881, which today is best known for being a boutique hotel. Cabarets are usually bars or restaurants with a stage where performances take place, from dancing to singing, theater to comedy. By the end of the 18th century, these confused factories were more of a platform where artists could try new acts. In the early 90s, the cabaret underwent a revival and gained a pair of much-needed ranks with dancers like the American Dita von Teese, who turned the form of entertainment into a reputable art. But a cabaret is not necessarily similar to a burlesque. The cabaret gave way to Cafe-theater, More popular with locals than cabaret as we know it, which is less related to erotica and feminine form, and more to art and music.

Mugler Falls

Mugler Falls

A handful of upscale places such as Mugler Falls, Paris’ newest cabaret, exhibits a more artistic cabaret style. Erotic but creative, the shows here include dance, acrobatics, singing, theater, all engineered by French fashion designer Manfred Thierry Mugler. Launched less than three months ago, Mugler Follies is a display of the designer’s most intriguing enthusiasm. In storytelling, the show focuses on a young woman whose dream is to become a walker. Emotional and whimsical, Mugler takes down the rough and unpolished sexual edge and manages to reinvent the cabaret genre.

Extremely popular, extremely creative and extremely tumultuous, Crazy horse, Is one of the city’s greatest entertainment successes. Very dangerous, the shows here are more in the direction of performing dances like von Tees than any junk thing. An erotic celebration of femininity and beauty, the skin and light performances – in a backdrop of red velvet, mirrors and lacquer wood – are stunning and meticulously choreographed and demonstrate great artistic skill.

While Beef on the roof Known today as a sophisticated French restaurant, the Art Deco space holds the history of cabaret from 1921. Located close to the Champs Elysees, the restaurant has a wonderful atmosphere with jazz performances of all styles. Over the decades of the diner’s existence for decades, it has passed five times before settling into its current location. The most elegant cabaret with patrons like Coco Chanel, Ernest Hemingway and Pablo Picasso, Le Boeuf sur le Toit has not lost an inch of its rich and vibrant atmosphere.

Photos courtesy of Crazy Horse and Mugler Follies


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