Sexual Harassment, Pub scans & Drinking alcohol will be fined if it’s annoying

Ada Kolau’s government has proposed changing anti-social laws, differentiating between vulnerable and anti-social people, focusing on the use of public spaces when it is a nuisance, “More social than criminal approach”


Barcelona’s nightlife

“The new laws will not treat all cases equally: there are social cases because of loneliness, exclusion and problems that must be addressed in social services, and not because of anti-social behavior and causing nuisance” – Deputy Mayor Jaum Essence

He stressed that Collao’s government goal is to move away from the general public’s right to use the city and pursue exclusive and intensive use of potentially disturbing public spaces, and to improve equity, guarantees and efficiency, as 70% of fines are currently non-existent. paid up!

They propose to reduce sanctions since “More proportionate” And are the last resort – giving priority to community restitution work, especially in the delinquent neighborhood – except in cases arising from noise and / or drinking alcohol when it is a nuisance, and in this case, they propose to increase sanctions.

Barcelona The City Council first approved these proposals, which initiate the discussion, with the aim of being finally approved next summer and coming into effect starting in the fall of 2018.


Drinking alcohol in public will only be fined if it is a nuisance – according to the state security law – especially at night, when residents have a harder time resting, in which case they offer to increase sanctions.

This includes the first time ‘Pub crawls‘- Designed for tourists, which include free shots and Nightclub Entry – Prohibition on them everywhere Barcelona, While they are currently banned only in Ciutat Vella.

They are watching a new chapter on noise reduction in public areas, which plans to impose sanctions on noise from houses as well if it disturbs neighbors – so far it is only included in the Environmental Ordinance – and the entrances and exits to Nightlife sites If there is noise in the street.

Sexual harassment and discrimination

Defends to include, in the event that it does not constitute a crime, discrimination of any kind – including “Apophobia“Against poor people, and sexual harassment, such as harassing groups and certain forms of touching, which will be subject to sanctions.

Lawyers aim to stop banning ball games – with about 40 fines a year, and 26 last year – for fines Activities that endanger the integrity of others, such as ball games but also other games only if they are dangerous to the public.


The council proposes to stop fines for the provision of sex services on the street, and does not fine customers as this already exists in the Civil Security Act, but will start punishing those who have sex in public (whether they get paid for it). or not).

No more sex on the beach !!

thirdCurrent regulations only prohibit if it is for a fee, which the council plans to extend to all cases where sex is clearly taking place, in public spaces or near schools.


This proposal eliminates the concept of begging and continues to ban coercion or harassment that prevents human trafficking – such as cleaning car windows without consent or stubbornly demanding money – and continues to ban sleeping in public, but Not when there is no alternative housing.

The use of fountains for rinsing is no longer prohibited in the proposal, but it can be sanctioned by the Environmental Ordinance in the case of the use of chemical products that may affect the water or the environment.

Although public sleep and camping are prohibited, it will not be fined if done due to freedom of expression, such as protest.


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