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Ascott Sathorn Bangkok is a 5-star hotel offering luxury apartments with service in Sathorn.

Located on Sathorn Road, it is one of the top luxury residences in Bangkok.

If you are visiting Bangkok for an extended period of time, Ascott Sathorn Bangkok is a good option.

But let’s see how it compares to other luxury hotels in Bangkok.

Rooms and toilets

Premier apartment with one bedroom

Aside from a few studio apartments, Ascot Saturn has mostly apartments.

They are much more spacious compared to typical hotel rooms in Bangkok.

All apartments have separate bedrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen and bathroom.

Exclusive Appellis toiletries are provided as well.

So even if you book a standard one bedroom apartment, you will have all these services.

Executive apartment with two bedrooms
Executive apartment with two bedrooms

If there are more people, just book the apartments two or three bedrooms.

The Three Bedroom Executive is the largest apartment, easily accommodating for six guests.

It comes with King, Queen and Twin bedrooms, as well as two full baths.

This is the best option for a small party.

Please note, all rooms have a similar design.

So if there are only two people, the studio or the smaller apartments will suffice.

Three-bedroom apartment
Three-bedroom apartment

Restaurants and bars

Aldo's Bistro and Wine Bar
Aldo’s Bistro and Wine Bar

There is only one place for drinks and dining.

It’s on the 7th floor, Aldo’s Bistro & Wine Bar – This poolside French / Mediterranean restaurant.

Inside, there is a nice dining room or you can eat casually by the pool in the open air.

For a private meal or party, guests can book one of the seven booths by the pool.

Starting at 6:30 a.m., Aldos serves a delicious boutique breakfast.

Lunch and dinner include a Mediterranean menu with grilled lamb, beef and seafood.

Before you eat, sample the best wines from France, Spain and Italy at the wine bar.

  • The best food: Aldo’s Bistro and Wine Bar


Ascot Saturn Pool Bangkok
outer pool

On the same floor with their restaurant, you will find the outdoor pool.

It is one of the best features of the hotel, surrounded by lush tropical plants.

Their pool pavilions are the perfect place to relax with a cocktail.

Just imagine bringing back some hot Thai girls from Bari Go-go.

For additional services, the Green Leaf Spa offers several types of massages and body treatments.

Thai massages and hot stone massages are designed to relieve pain and tension.

They also offer various body scrubs that cleanse the skin and cleanse toxins from the body.

Afterwards, you can relax in the steam room, sauna or jacuzzi.

  • highlights: Outdoor pool, Green Leaf Spa

Places nearby

Ascot Saturn Bangkok sits on the bustling Saturn Road so there is not too much walking distance.

There are some hidden bars and restaurants on the side streets.

But if you want to explore more popular areas, go to the BTS Saint Louis station.

It’s only a 4 minute walk.

At night, it’s worth checking out the nightlife in Silam.

In particular, the oldest adult entertainment district in the city, Patpong.

Even though it shows his age, there are still a lot of hot girls to host you girlfriend.

  • places: St. Louis BTS Station, Silom, Patpong

from here

  • rating: 5 stars
  • Address: 7 S Sathorn Rd, Yan Nawa, Sathon, Bangkok 10120, Thailand

Check rooms Official Website

Common questions

What is the best room in the Ascott Sathorn for groups?

The best group room in the Ascott Sathorn is the Executive Three-Bedroom Suite.

It has the capacity to sleep up to six people.

With a large living area, full kitchen and even a washing machine, this is a good option for a long stay.

What is the best room in the Ascott Sathorn for couples?

The one-bedroom studios and apartments in Ascot Saturn are enough for couples.

Although there is a lot of space compared to other hotels, but the design is a bit bland.

There are much better suites in other 5 star hotels in Bangkok.

Especially if you’re returning a girl for some fun.


Benefits Disadvantages
Very clean Poor wifi
High-rated spa Bad location
Full toilets inside the rooms
Good for groups


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