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Las Vegas’ The newest attraction opposes conventional brands, ultimately a delightful detail that can be challenging at first. the mother Rose. theater? Restaurant? bar? Nightclub? In one word, yes. “What experience do you want to get?” The ushers and hostesses in their mustard or crimson velvet suits will obediently ask you, in an attempt to figure out how to help you find the best place to be at any given time within this maze space. Surrender, and follow them through any number of doors to find out what awaits your evening. But if you prefer a little more information before diving down the rabbit hole, here’s all you need to know about the “great social experiment” that is Rose.Rabbit.Lie.

The actors

Rose. Is a collaboration between Forbes and a four-star tour guide The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas And two great partners. The first, Coastal Luxury Management, brings us glorious events like the Pebble Beach and Los Angeles food and wine festivals, as well as Monterey, the Cannery Row Brewing Company of California, the award-winning 1833 restaurant and Harvest: Farm-to-Table in Carmel. The other partner is Spiegelworld, which also puts on what is Las Vegas’ biggest comedy show or its smallest spectacular. either way, absinthe Is a tumultuous and disrespectful variety show housed in a vintage-style circus tent at Caesars Palace Las Vegas Hotel & Casino. In Rose.Rabbit.Lie, a similar show, Vegas Nocturne, Occurs in three parts (“Cantos”) during the evening.

The approach

The Cosmopolitan has appeared almost simultaneously for the first time at the Chelsea Theater and Bruce.Barn.lick. In December. If you did not know better, you might even pass right by the latter, assuming those well-dressed people stood in line in front of the towering and obscure doors waiting for the nearby Wicked Spoon dining hall. they are not. The door staff does the sorting here, sending the ones with tickets to show inside high doors to the entrance room and right, the ones with restaurant reservations inside and straight ahead, and the ones just looking for cocktails inside and left. There are five main rooms, each with its own purpose, taste and sound.


Tickets to Vegas Nocturne Sell ​​for $ 115 and $ 135 for 70 minutes at 8 and 10 p.m., and about $ 30 for a midnight show and the shortened nightclub. As with the big sister absinthe, Vegas Nocturne Concentrates around a rich guy and his female comedic fool, in this case his LucyA similar nurse. Together with the maid and their servant (spot for Rocky’s horror photo show Magenta and Reef Ruff) are trying to put on a lounge show to share the story of how their fortunes and lost status were restored. But while the thread is thin, what the audience gets is much more than just their hilarious confusion. Innovative and talented acts that display power, agility, sensuality, beauty and balance take place on the revolving stage of the room. Seating options range from private boxes to folding chairs, but all are very close to the action. And you better believe that the first two rows are also called “poncho seats” for some reason. Two bars flank the seating area, and this is the place to grab a quick drink before the show starts. Particularly quick are the Paloma and Moscow Molla cocktails, as both are off the barrel.

the swimming pool

You may have heard: Entertainment is not limited to a ballroom. In this narrow, rectangular dining room, large and curious groups can sit in what it actually is Of Vegas Nocturne behind the scenes. The same stage revolves as stated? This is where props and characters come in and out. You can get a great sense of the show from here before you go for all the tickets, but please note: it’s very powerful. There is no bar, but you can order nine- or 17-ounce alcoholic cocktails in resealable glass jars; Try Jackmot Rose or El Presidente ($ 45). That should get you at least a canto or two.

The music room

One room back from the swimming pool, and more than double in size, the rectangular music room is a passageway with a long bar with a metal roof. There are also crowded dining tables and horseshoe stands, but there really is no place to sit when the beautiful twin tap dancers enter the barrel or when a film dance duel breaks out between contouring and serving to win the heart of a patron. . Like close-up magic? Look for the magical Dragon Piff – you really can not miss it – or just marvel at the way your Gift Whiskey Smash revolves around the smooth metal rod in special glasses from Shtox.

The library

As the evening progresses, the screens between this room and the music room go down. But before that, this is a dedicated dining room. Not to be missed here is the beautiful glass fireplace that boasts the triptych of Hieronymus Bush The Garden of Earthly Pleasures, Although you may be focusing more on ornate and incompatible China, or on owl water jugs. Stand in the temptation to carve out the engraved dishes or the rabbit fork to rest between servings of snow pea salad ($ 7), Rockefeller crispy oysters ($ 16) or onion pretzels ($ 34). And if everyone at the table has a mood for much more, spring for Alaska’s giant roast king roast ($ 1,200), or the more conservative crown of lamb or Wellington beef ($ 275 each). Alternatively, if you drink through the exhaustive champagne menu, there are six caviar options ranging from $ 15 for taco caviar to $ 5,054 for a pound of extra.

The study

While the rest of the Rose.Rarn.Lies. Changing throughout the night, stable is the study, a small and comfortable corner that looks just as you think it will look: bookshelves, artefacts and souvenirs, mismatched tables and a wooden bar bearing the sign of these twin dancers. This is where chief mixologist Marshall Altair will likely be found preparing his specialty cocktails, like one night in Amsterdam, from heaven to Budapest or Casablanca Choker. But then all the mixologists at Rose.Rabbit.Lie. Hand-picked, and can amaze you with their personal creativity. Throw some vinyl on the turntable and enjoy a cocktail before or after dinner. Or stay here all night; The kitchen is open until Rose.Rabbit.Lie. Closes at four in the morning

How to spend your time

Arrive by 19:45 Go straight to the bars of the ballroom to have a drink before the canto of 20:00. When it comes out, make your way to the library for dinner; Be sure to keep your camera handy for spontaneous performances. Try moving to the Music Room bar before the 22:00 kanto goes out, then experience the transition from a restaurant and show to a nightclub as the midnight kanto approaches. At 12:30 a.m., DJ Wiki rotated open-format sounds in the ballroom, sometimes in parallel with live performances. Dive straight in, or retreat to the study for a night glass and meditate on the name “False Rose. Rabbit.”

Photos courtesy of Rose.Rabbit.Lie


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