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I remember the first time I set foot in a gypsy nightclub in Moscow back in 2014.


I was shocked According to how many hot girls there are. I mean completely Cracked. That day I decided that Moscow was the right city for me to live in. I’m not going anywhere. I had to get my hands on these hot ones. But it turned out to be much harder than it initially seemed. Russian girls are sociable and curious at first but they are Hard to crack.

Fast forward three years later. I finally understood the Code for what Russian woman is looking for in a man and how to impress a Russian woman.

I’m not a fan of the term “impress a woman.” You should never try to impress her. Instead, I’ll show you how to be the kind of man Russian women want. They are going to be impressed by themselves. There will be no “attempts” on your part. Do you understand?

lets start.

How to impress a Russian woman

First of all. Obviously different things work for different women. Some women love the types of bad kids covered in tattoos. Others love hipsters. Others like men in suits. There is no one-size-fits-all solution.

But roughly, you want to think in the direction of what I’m going to tell you. Especially, if you’re looking for more than a quick throw. These are qualities that are highly sought after by Russian women. No matter what type you are, this advice is money.

Not only do I know this from experience but also because the most wanted man in Russia ticks all of these boxes:

Vladimir Putin

This is true. No matter what you think of it, it is considered (sort of) a sex symbol in Russia. Belt and buy a notebook that I’m going to show you how to do To be as desirable as Vladimir Putin.

There will be doubt

There is a cultural component to this point. Historically, Russia has always been a very unstable country. You can almost set your clock as the next revolution is around the corner. Only after Putin’s ascension to the throne did the situation stabilize somewhat, which is one of the reasons why most Russians (including women) respect him greatly.

Women are more affected by this than men because it has been more difficult for them to support themselves (until recently). They need to take care of themselves. If a man can provide Economical stability It big And more.

Connect it with strong gender roles and have your explanation. As a man you are Expect your shit together financially. Especially if you are in your 30s and older. Younger guys may get a transition because they are still students or just starting out, but as you get closer to 30, you Should Be financially stable. Money certainly impresses Russian women.

Does that mean you have to be rich?

No. It helps but it is not necessary.

Does this mean that (expensive) gifts should be showered on her?

definitely not. She will appreciate it but it is not necessary. Small gestures and gifts can have a much bigger impact than trying to “buy it.” A woman who asks you to do this is probably a hoe and you should Disconnect from her immediately.

So what does it mean to be a doubter?

Financially, this means you will have to pay for both of you when you are together. Dates, trips, accommodation arrangements, all that. Do not expect her to contribute because this is a cultural norm. Do not try to change her mind about it because it will only make the situation worse.

Talking about money is an absolute thing Do not go in Russia. are you Do not discuss money With females. You have it and keep quiet about it. If you do not have it you are also silent about it and trying to make more money. Do not be proud that you are cheap, do not talk about prices, none of these things. If you can support her she will never ask if you have a lot of money or not because it does not matter.

Be someone they look up to

A lot of Russian girls grow up with a Absent father. Divorce rates are high in Russia, so you hear “I live with my mother” many times when you go out with Russians. In my experience at least Not every third girl has grown up in a functioning family, maybe even 50%.

I also need to explain that the age gap is not an issue when dating in Russia. 15 years is still considered fine, even 20 years are acceptable.

Connect these factors together and understand why you need to be not only a friend or husband but also a mentor. This is even more true, the younger the girl. Be someone she looks up to, respects, adores and seeks advice. Often you are also a replacement father figure.

In concrete terms it means giving her advice when she asks for it, sharing your wisdom and experiences and in fact Giving cock. Just like Dad, you should not help with any baguette but help when she comes to you with real problems. She will listen and learn and admire you even more for it.

We will mention Putin: they even hold whole annual press conferences where elected people can pour their hearts out to him about local issues. This is very much the role you need to take.

Be someone they can imagine being the father of their children

It’s a kind of synthesis of the previous two. 90% of Russian women dream of starting a family and children. They are totally suckers into romantic fantasies even though (or probably because) their family has failed and all their friends are divorced and bogus. But we are not following logic here.

If you are caring and respectful you will necessarily be considered “owner material”. These are the two most important traits she is looking for in Dad. It will be hard for her not to fall in love with you. No matter how you feel about marriage, it’s a good position to be in.

Think of Putin, he is the “father figure” of the whole country. He is respectable and at least perceived as caring.

Be caring

Being someone you can look up to means you are someone who is respected. It also means that you are someone that the woman does not want to be in a bad relationship with.

Being caring is different. Instead of being a person with authority, it is about being on the same level as she is and evoking positive emotions in her. The easiest way to do this is to give it to her The right amount of attention.

You do not want to give too much attention because it weakens you and subdues you, which is the worst thing you can do when you go out with a Russian woman. Instead, you pay attention, Especially personally. You dedicate to her your most important resource, yours time. There are no magic involved in it. Keep it basic and be gentle and nice to her.

Again, small gestures and surprises are far more important than material things. You chart a Russian woman more with a creative gift than with an expensive gift. At least if she’s a quality woman.

Attention through social media and text messaging is Completely unnecessary. Do you feel better when someone hugs you or when someone writes you a text? Keep it to a minimum without being rude or neglected.

Be mysterious

Russian women have two particularly annoying habits. they Nosy And they fanatic.

This means you will need to set boundaries in your relationship right away. are you Control the frame and are you Let her know immediately that some things are not her business. Believe me, no matter how “honest” you think she is towards you, she has more skeletons in the closet than you can imagine. It’s not about lying or cheating or keeping secrets but about establishing a solid and healthy relationship with are you In the driver’s seat.

What will happen is that she will inevitably be curious and prying about anything you will not keep to yourself. It are good. You want to evoke in her feelings that Russian women are eating the emotional roller coaster rides. Intrigues will continue to be interested and come back for more.

You do it in small doses in Never with malicious intent. Think of it more like not telling her where to go when you call her on a date. Does not answer her texts for a while and be one-syllable with your explanation of why. You have no big secrets but use it sparingly and carefully. It will give her the feeling that there is always something new to discover about your personality.

At the end of the day, who is the most secretive and mysterious man in Russia? The President. No one really knows what he is plotting, how much money he has and what he thinks. Does it hurt him? Quite the opposite.


Who knows what this guy’s next step is …

Be protective

The role of gender is that Russia is strong. Weak men do not celebrate like in the West. If you hear noise in the apartment, who do you think is likely to handle it? Your ass will be on the line. You are the defender.

Also, Russians are not as tribal as other cultures, but men are expected to defend theirs. Russia is one of the countries that has a very strong fortress mentality – it is against us. And naturally, these are the men who are likely to do so.

Putin is the A perfect example of that. It protects the entire nation from foreign powers trying to harm. He is the one who provides security, stability and protection to Russia (neither do Russians agree). Think about these lines.

Be smart and fit

I have included this point as a last resort because it is the least important. It “Nice to have” But not really required. How often have you seen really beautiful Eastern European women with arrested men? Here is your proof.

A Russian woman will almost always choose a man who has most of the above qualities over a fit and handsome man and model but broken and does not provide a long-term view. Appearance is not really appreciated.

In fact, they may even act against you. If you are a handsome and intelligent man and you have a business with a woman with low self-esteem, she will feel inadequate. She will consider you “too good to be true” and you are guaranteed lots and lots of drama.

With high value women, you will have a luxury problem. They will try very quickly to get a commitment out of you and will be very possessive if you are really a good catcher. Again, a whole lot of drama will take place.

This does not mean that for arrested men it is better, on the contrary. Smart and fit men will have more choices to choose from than time on their hands. But they will also have to deal with a lot of nonsense, drama and manipulations to find a quality woman. Looking good is just not the most effective way to impress a Russian woman, at least for something serious.


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