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November 10, 2021

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National Tequila Day should not be the only day we celebrate tequila. We say tequila all the time, every day! Since we all know that the best way to consume tequila is in the form of a shot, we have put together a small collection of tequila shot recipes that you may have never seen before! So sit back and start putting together your grocery store’s grocery list because it’s going to be fun.

Deep-fried tequila photos

Because everything is better when deep fried, no? These delicate tequila shots have the taste of a funnel cake paradise. If you have the patience to fry things until golden, These are definitely a must try!

Lime drop shots

Delicious just like its cousin, the lemon drop, this whip is full of sour lime flavor! The secret? Use real lime – whole lime. It’s like a lime juice concentrate, but goes perfectly with sugar and tequila. Get the Take a recipe and try it this weekend!

Tequila Photos Sunrise Jello

Now it’s even easier to enjoy your favorite drink, because it comes in a cute, small, Pop-up snack size! Warning: These are completely addictive, do not make them just for yourself. Unless you like drunks ordering weird items on Amazon, then go ahead anyway.

Strawberry Margarita Jelly Whips (Made in Strawberries)

Drink holy genius, Batman! Of course, why not completely disconnect the middle man? We do not need a cup that stands in the way of our strawberry tequila. Take the recipe And contact the grocery store as soon as possible!

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