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The “doll up” of the Venetian
Photo courtesy of The Venetian

Las Vegas Often referred to as the “entertainment capital of the world”, so participating in a show is part of the experience. Most engagements have a start time of 19:00 and last around 90 minutes, making them perfect for early birds to eat dinner before or night birds to eat afterwards.

Here are three not-to-be-missed options that combine live music, dazzling stage productions and great star power with casual or gourmet meals.

Casino Venice Resort and Casino Hotel Palazzo Resort
Forbes’ tour guide to the properties of the four-star sisters, the Venetian and the Palazzo, offer so many entertainment and dining options that you will never have to leave the buildings. Three shows have recently joined their joint cast, including “Puppet Up – Uncensured”, “Clint Holmes: Between the Lines” and “Baz – Star Crossed Love”.

In the Sands showroom, “Puppet Up” by Henson Alternative is a scandalous variety show improvised by the adult side of the Jim Hanson Company. Connect this trip only in Vegas with grilled lobster cheese and lobster chips from Lobster ME.

At the Palazzo Theater, there are two shows worth checking out. “Buzz – Cross-Star Love”, a cabaret-style affair by the next generation of filmmaker Bez Lorman, brings to the stage the ultimate film-music set. The energy is no less high Table 10 By Emeril Lagasse takes diners to the deep south with his Louisiana-style cooking. Check out the sugared bacon, the ahi tuna in the Creole dough, and the chicken and Andouille gumbo.

If the mood for romance hits, book tickets to “Clint Holmes: Between the Lines,” where the focus is on the links between the artist, the song and the inspiration behind it all. Stimulates his own sweet memories, a meal at Morels French Steakhouse & Bistro Memories will pop up from this incredible bistro you visited in Versailles. To go with your champagne, sample the selection of cheeses and charcuterie, a surefire way to open your senses for the tempting night ahead.

MARIAH CAREY Preview May 4, 2015 Photos by Denise Trucelo

Mariah Carey, Image courtesy of Caesars License Company LLC

The Emperor’s Palace
For more than a decade, the Colosseum at Caesars Palace has been the place to see players from the official list in Las Vegas. The current titles of the iconic venue (Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Rod Stewart, Elton John Verba, Brooks & Dunn) continue the tradition to this day.

The restaurant collection also picks up all the right characters, working from the low key to the high end. Raw’s rich patties, Guy Savoy’s delicate artichoke soup and black truffle soup and Novo’s fresh Japanese and South American flavors are a concert of world flavors under one roof.


Brooklyn Bowl, Photo courtesy of Brooklyn Bull

Brooklyn bowl
It seems like Vegas is getting a new place for live music every few months. They come in all shapes and sizes and offer a variety of invitations that come in genres from country to jazz. See the coolest concerts on the 80,000-square-foot Brooklyn Strip in a strip, while an exciting game of strikes and exchanges and eating fried chicken. How is it for multitasking?

This hotspot, located on Linq Promenade, features 32 trails and food near the Bromberg Brothers Blue Film restaurants. Over the past few years, leading musicians like Jane’s Addiction, Jack White, Proper Discovery, Alabama Shakes and The Roots have all graced the stage. Performances like Grouplove (October 5), Schoolboy Q (October 16) and Sevendust (October 24) will air in the coming weeks.

There are three ways to enjoy the evening: dine first at the restaurant and then be impressed by the general entrance area of ​​the spacious standing room; Secure a track and watch a concert from the bowling alley during dinner; Or go for upstairs seating.

Most concertgoers choose the Brooklyn Bowl because it places an equal emphasis on food and entertainment. Fried chicken patties are the specialty, and if you go for 24 pieces, expect the high-fried golden fried chicken to attract attention. Other favorites include sandwiches and pizzas, which can be shared for two to three people. The sloppy Joe with a knife and fork and French bread pizza San Gennaro are two more winners.


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