10 Best Cocktail Menus of 2018

The best Big Bar NYE cocktail menus

Big Bar’s NYE ​​cocktail menu with artwork by Dave Stolta

Today, a cocktail bar needs to do more than just follow a classic cocktail pattern to turn heads. Homemade ingredients and a strong decorating game are not going to cut it anymore. Besides, there are so many great bars with new ones opening almost every day, not to mention the breadth of talented bartenders in Los Angeles so what can a bar do to truly be considered outstanding? First, get a unique and well-thought-out cocktail menu.

And in 2018, the next bars in Los Angeles did just that. I need to give them accessories to not only create theme menus with smart names but to carefully consider the technique, the glassware, the look, the ingredients, and in some cases, the Spotify playlist to drive the theme home. These are without a doubt the best cocktail menus of the year.

Jonathan Gold’s menu by Otium

Because only Jonathan Gould could have inspired such Epic cocktail menu. Each of the 14 off-menu cocktails is based on restaurants that Gold has reviewed. His quotes from every review and even an illustration of the restaurant accompany every description of a drink. But the best part is how each cocktail mimics each restaurant. Republique is a combination of the two most popular cocktails at Manzke’s restaurant built in the Halo Halo style, Rivera is a lookout for the restaurant’s famous barbecue, and the Copa d’Oro is a Vincent Marianla Scotland smoke cocktail. I mean, go ahead! It’s brilliant. And yes, some of the liquid translations aren’t exactly perfect – Republique’s swizzle is a little too sweet and Petit Trois ’Pina Colda variation a little too thin – but there are more hits here than misses. The menu will be available until March so definitely check it out as long as you can.

Big Bar’s New Year’s Eve menu

No one seems to like it New Year’s Eve like Big Bar. Los Brass’s drink doesn’t just throw shindig with champagne toasts. Because it will be boring. Every crazy year the bar staff has to transcend itself, starting with a midnight celebration of any time zone. They usually choose a country / city from the time zone and then create not only a cocktail but a playlist inspired by the said country / city. Just that alone is amazing. But this year, with the help of artist Dave Stolta, they have created travel stickers of each destination to link to the cocktail menu which is a suitcase! The goal is to show up for the first toast at 3pm and then stay around to celebrate each New Year’s time zone that gathers everyone. If anything, the Big Bar makes it easy to foreplay before the main NYE party or hang out until the champagne toast of LA.

Bar Joe’s Thanksgiving Courses

Bars that make cocktail flights are nothing new. But when it is done well with such consideration in the subject, well executed and fun to boot, yes, it is worth checking out. And in honor of Thanksgiving this year, beverage manager John “Puddles” created Neumüller Five cocktails representing each ingredient in India dinner: Turkey with fat whiskey turkey, stuffing with herbs, green bean stew with pickled green beans garnish, cranberry sauce with hot cranberry foam and sweet potato pie with sweet potato honey. Guests can order a flight of delicious dishes or a regular-sized à la carte cocktail.

The illustrated cocktail menu of the Duello Arts District

Sure, Dualo Ian McPherson’s bartender is from Edinburgh and in fact Still traveling from Scotland to Los Angeles Every few months, but you have to love that he created Illustrated cocktail menu Celebrating the history of the Arts Quarter. “Chapter 1” of the menu lists the wine roots of Los Angeles in the early 18th-19th centuries and backs it up with cocktails that include wine. The following sections cover citrus groves, artist communities and conclude on current culinary trends. And even the 16 cocktails move in a format based on sherry, tiki and smoky. For the show, order one of these smoky cocktails, like the Homeward Bound. McPherson uses the same smoky thinking he appears in his Edinburgh bar, Panda & Sons.

Ever Bar’s Emmy menu

In honor of the Emmy ceremony in September, Ever been a bar Liquor manager Dan Rock and his team, which includes Saeed House and Alexis Steyer, have created a theme menu of 10 cocktails inspired by Emmy Awards shows. Each tribute to the cocktail incorporates some element of performance in creative and often ostentatious ways: Game of Thrones includes a torch and a block of ice, the tropical glow drink contains a glowing ice cube, Stranger Things has a big sponge bourbon, and a slave’s drink. A variation of Tale Tom Collins is a vibrant red thanks to homemade strawberry soda. Not only was it fun to see these, but they were well designed with quality and delicious ingredients. The Emmy menu is gone, but the team is now working on one for the upcoming Oscar ceremony. Can not wait!

Redbird Garden Menu

Forget a gesture to the glass, Redbird gets along Protective cocktails for the glass, Yes, from his damn garden in Viviana! The beautiful garden behind the cathedral is actually an event space and is not open to the general public. But you can still enjoy the abundance of its first growing season and pick through cocktails of shiny sheaf goods. The menu booklet is as complex as a vintage burfy seed catalog and each drink is inspired by different flowers or made from the garden. The Scotch Bonnet is a smoky Scotch cocktail with Scotch Bonnet tincture, the Strawberry Blonde features strawberry-soaked vodka. You can still order these cocktails until April 2019.

Walker Inn’s Summer Music Festival Menu

This hidden bar at the Normandie Club has made a name for itself as having a cocktail tasting menu with highly sophisticated themes, backed by impeccable hospitality. Since then they have relaxed a bit on themes, and have gone more with seasonal cocktails versus themes In N Out Trays and Rolling fog, But it’s still fun to check out. This past summer, the five-course cocktail tasting experience took you to music festivals with Polaroid selfies, flower crowns and aura cleansing. I had fun covering it for KCRW’s good food: listen.

Cocktail flight Bazaar of Bar Centro

Remember when molecular mixology was of interest? There is no doubt that Chef Jose Anders has helped fuel this trend The Bazaar by Jose Anders At the SLS Hotel. And despite that Magic Mojito Not getting as many likes and aahs as he won when he first appeared 10 years ago, he’s still a favorite on the list. But now there is a new cocktail experience that is great for the ‘Gram: Bazaar’ cocktail flights. For $ 55, guests at Bar Centro can enjoy six mini-mixes based on molecular mixology. Some of the cocktails are classics off the bazaar menu, like the Caipirinha liquid nitro and the smoke on the water. It’s definitely fun to do with a drinking buddy especially since you want someone filming your video knocking out a mini furrow of cava and a cocktail from a smoked glass pipe.

Here are menus looking at you

Honestly, it is difficult to choose one favorite menu from it hay This year because each one is successful, not only given the theme of each menu but also given its commitment, which often included a Spotify playlist. And last spring, cocktail consultants Alan Katz and Daniela Crouch passed the scoop to bar manager Harry Chin who continues to have fun with the show. HLAY’s cocktail menus have always featured a theme – if LA Parks Or LA architecture – and enforce this theme in cocktail style as well as in the description of the drink. However, there is a sort of template for these menus, in that you can usually find a variation of a martini, an old-fashioned cocktail or a tiki. But, to me, that’s part of the fun. The current fall / winter menu, which is all about Los Angeles fashion, features sour pink hot rosette, old-fashioned chocolate compotes and LA Eyeworks Negroni.

Melrose Umbrella Co. Twin Peaks Menu

Unfortunately, this menu and popup bar b Melrose Umbrella Co. Not late for this world, created only in December 2017 and in service until February 2018 to promote Twin Peaks on Showtime. But it was so much fun as long as it lasted. And every detail on the Roadhouse bar was perfect; It had to be because everything had to be approved by David Lynch and company first. Huge accessories for bartender Aaron Melanderz for his super fun cocktail takes this fine cherry pie and the Black Yukon Suckerpunch. After seeing what he can do The Breakfast Club, I had no doubt.


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