Zack Bia, Travis Bennett, Bendadonnn, & Fai Khadra at LIV

Zack Bea and Mikey Chetrit

Miami Beach, FL – November 12, 2021 – This was an iconic start to the weekend at Haim Friday night, like Zack came Take over the decks at the club to encourage blazers with his set. Travis Bennett, Benddon and Faye Hadera Also spotted at the DJ stand enjoying the night and lighting up with friends.

Zack Bea and Mikey Chetrit

2 zack bia mikey chetrit8

Zack Bea and Mikey Chetrit

2 1 mikey chetrit on stage49

Mikey Chetrit and Zack came

2 2 mikey chetrit on stage13

Mikey Chatter

2 2b zack bia mikey chetrit135

Zack Bea and Mikey Chetrit

2 2c purple zack bia mikey chetrit41

Purple, Zack Bea and Mikey Chetrit

2 3 zack bia33

Travis Bennett, Zack Biya and Purple

2 2d purple zack bia mikey chetrit6

Purple, Zack Bea and Mikey Chetrit

3 zack bia purple14

Zack came and purple

4 zack bia purple7

5 travis bennett1

Zack Bea and Travis Bennett

6 zack bia jon chetrit mikey chetrit1

Zack Bea, John and Mikey Chetrit

6 1 mikey chetrit performer on stage76

Mikey Chatter

6 2 mikey chetrit performer on stage65

6 3 zack bia fai khadra5

Zack came and Faye entered

6 4 zack bia bendadonnn4

Zack came and discussed

6 5 zack bia fai khadra11

Zack came and Faye entered

6 6 daniel chetrit zack bia40

Zack Biya and Daniel Chetrit

6 7 daniel chetrit zack bia39

6 8 daniel chetrit zack bia25

Daniel Chetrit and Zack Biya

7 dj spade mikey chetrit1

DJ Spade and Mikey Chetrit

8 dj spade mikey chetrit zack bia3

DJ Spade, Mikey Chetrit and Zack Bea

9 img 1100

Mikey Chatter

10 img 1060

11 dj don hot bendadonnn4

DJ Don Hot & Bendadonn

12 img 2304 13 img 2333 14 img 2336 15 img 2457 16 img 1509 17 img 1179 18 img 2288 19 img 2502 20 img 2507


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