Wynwood Walls 2021 Art Week “Agents of Change” Mural Unveiling Celebration

Al and Shepherd Fairy

MIAMI, FLORIDA – NOVEMBER 29, 2021 – Winwood walls – The famous focal point of the Winwood Arts District in Miami known worldwide for its groundbreaking and ever-changing collection of curatorial art – celebrated the 2021 Agents of Change’s Art Week program and the premiere of 13 new installations for Miami Art Week 2021.

“Since its inception, Winwood’s walls have been a fabric created to enhance the lives of others. Artists have always been agents of change, whether changing the audience’s perspective through their work, changing environment, sparking a courageous conversation, addressing issues creatively, or simply bringing joy to the world. The one around us. ” said Jessica Goldman Srebnik, CEO of Goldman Global Arts and Winwood Wall Treasure. The artist line for 2021 will be presented AIKO (Japan), Diogo “Fuel additiveMachado (Portugal), Bordeaux ii (Portugal), David Flores (United States), Scott Proshauer (United States), Joe Yurato (United States), KAI (United States), Kayla from Happy (United States), mantra (France), Ernesto Maranja (United States), Greg Mike (United States), Fried Ruada (Mexico), and Quake & Hiero (United States).

1 logan hicks shepard fairey jessica goldman srebnick janet goldman

Logan Hicks, Shepherd Fairy, Jessica Goldman Srebnik and Janet Goldman

2 jessica goldman srebnick shepard fairey janet goldman1

Jessica Goldman Srebnik, Shepherd Fairy and Janet Goldman

3 jessica goldman srebnick shepard fairey janet goldman2

Jessica Goldman Srebnik, Shepherd Fairy and Janet Goldman

4 shepard fairey jessica goldman srebnick

Shepherd Fairy and Jessica Goldman Srebanik

6 peter tunney ron english1

Peter Tony and Ron English

7 peter tunney ron english2

8 jessica goldman srebnick peter tunney1

Jessica Goldman Srevnik and Peter Tony

9 janet goldman shepard amanda fairey jessica goldman srebnick1

Janet Goldman, Shepherd and Amanda Fairy and Jessica Goldman Srebnik

10 patrick miller logan hicks jessica goldman srebnick shepard fairey janet goldman

Patrick Miller, Logan Hicks, Jessica Goldman Srebnik, Shepherd Fairy and Janet Goldman

11 img 0016 12 img 0019 13 img 0044 14 img 0050 15 img 0051 16 img 0040 17 img 0043 18 img 0938 19 img 0028 20 img 0030 21 img 0033 22 img 0054 23 img 0073 24 img 0078 25 img 0487 26 img 0484 27 img 0490 28 img 0075 29 img 0505 30 img 0056 31 img 0021 32 img 0076 33 img 0071 34 img 0025 35 img 0036

36 alexander deats jazz guetta jessica goldman srebnick kai julian hutt spencer showalter

Alexander Dates, Jazz Guetta, Jessica Goldman Srebnik, Kai, Julian Hutt and Spencer Schwalter

37 img 0501

38 joey janet goldman jessica goldman srebnick1

Joey and Janet Goldman, and Jessica Goldman Srevnik

39 jessica goldman srebnick

Jessica Goldman Srebnik

40 jason amato jessica goldman srebnick1

Jason Amato and Jessica Goldman Srebanik

41 janet goldman martha cooper jessica goldman srebnick2

Janet Goldman, Martha Cooper and Jessica Goldman Srevnik

42 janet goldman jessica goldman srebnick4

Janet Goldman and Jessica Goldman Srebanik

42 1 kelley rivas faria goldman srebnick quinonez tunney vargas boruchovitch pezet

Roxana Rivas, Jessica Goldman Srebnik, Peter Tony and Thali Borochovich

44 jeffrey gilbert eliza weber nicole rechter scott srebnick jessica goldman srebnick marsha gilbert michael rechter

Jeffrey Gilbert, Eliza Weber, Nicole Rechter, Scott Serbnik, Jessica Goldman Serbnik, Marsha Gilbert and Michael Rechter

44 1 janet goldman nicole rechter jessica goldman srebnick michael rechter

Janet Goldman, Nicole Rechter, Jessica Goldman Srebnik and Michael Rechter

45 johnny ferlong nicholas bowers jessica goldman srebnick pichiavo dan flores

Johnny Perlong, Nicholas Bowers, Jessica Goldman Srebnik, Pichiavo and Dan Flores

46 scott srebnick jessica goldman srebnick joey goldman1

Scott and Jessica Goldman Srebnik, and Joey Goldman

47 jessica goldman srebnick joey goldman1

Jessica Goldman Srebnik and Joey Goldman

48 scott srebnick jessica goldman srebnick

Scott and Jessica Goldman Srebnik

49 marie saint pierre elysze held1

Marie Saint-Pierre and Alyssa Held

50 roxana rivas thali boruchovitch

Roxana Rivas and Thali Borochovich

51 jane wooldridge sarp uzkan1

Jane Waldridge and Sarp Ozkan

52 olga polonskaya kristina sheiter

Olga Polonskaya and Christina Shitter

52 1 img 0847 53 img 0825 54 img 0814 55 img 0327 56 img 0287 57 img 0371 58 img 0431 58 1 img 0861 58 2 img 0928 58 2a img 0002 58 2b img 0007 59 img 0083 60 img 0099 61 img 0102 62 img 0122

63 patrick mcneil

Patrick McNeil

64 patrick mcneil patrick miller

Patrick McNeil and Patrick Miller

65 ron english patrick miller

Ron English and Patrick Miller

66 viveca ljung vanessa steinberg

VIveca Ljung & Vanessa Steinberg

67 mr kas bordalo jessica goldman srebnick

Mr. Cass, Bordeaux, and Jessica Goldman Srebanik

68 zephyr mars ron english jessica goldman srebnick tarssa english

Zafir, Mars and Ron English, Jessica Goldman Srebnik and Terrace English

69 img 0589

Joey and Janet Goldman, Bordeaux and Jessica Goldman Srebnik

70 img 0201

Janet Goldman, Bordeaux and Jessica Goldman Srebanik, Joey Goldman, Patrick McNeil, Patrick Miller

71 img 0224

Janet Goldman, Mr. Cass, Bordeaux and Jessica Goldman Srebnik, Joey Goldman, Patrick McNeil, Patrick Miller


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