Hi-Tech Darts Experience to Open in Houston in January

Looking for a unique experience for your next celebration or just looking for something new to do in the city? Flight Club Darts – An Elevated “Social Arrows” entertainment experience has covered you and will host the grand opening of its location in Houston on Friday, January 14, at Regent’s Square.

There are currently two locations in the U.S., Chicago and Boston, and the concept focuses on high-tech dart boards with a social food and beverage menu based mostly on small group invitations to semi-private areas for dart throwing.

The Victorian fairgrounds and British pub-inspired design will have a lot of local talent and will feature beloved flight club fans from other cities, while carrying unique items to Houston for both food and drink.

“We experienced Flight Darts in Chicago and it was an amazing experience,” said Julia Wang, a Houston influencer and real estate agent for NextGen. “I actually enjoyed it more than I thought I would, and it got pretty competitive. It’s a great team-building activity and I can’t wait for them to open in Houston, so I can go with all my agents. “

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The dining menu will include a variety of bite-sized bites, such as Taki Mini Poke, steak fries skewers, flatbreads and truffle chips. The drinks menu concentrates on designed cocktails with a large selection of beers, wine and spirits. If you are not looking to play a social darts game, Flight Club also offers dining options with an appetizing selection of entrees, entrees and desserts.

“The cocktails were unique and the food was delicious, not your average cookie cutter food you usually see in places like this,” Wang said.

According to their website, Flight Club started in the UK in 2015 after the founders, Steve Moore and Paul Brahm, watched people play darts in a pub. They saw an opportunity to simplify the social game by taking out the math and creating a smooth and energetic experience for all players, no matter the level of skill or familiarity with darts.

Not wanting to compromise on having a real, professional dart board and darts with a steel tip, they enlisted the help of Dr. Jason Dale to create a vision tracking system to track game play and scoring. Since then they have opened several locations across the UK and their first US location opened -2018.

Cichon says the difference between Flight Club Darts and other dart restaurants is high-tech technology.

“The technology that takes you through the game is without a doubt the most innovative technology in the space today. It’s so smooth and easy to use that guests are shocked when they realize how complex and advanced it is. We also offer selected food and beverage programs so the holistic experience is always great for the guest,” said Ch. Yitchun.

The main target audience of Flight Club is the millennial demographic, aged 25 to 36, who are more likely to look for a completely new and stored experience when they choose to dine out.

The Flight Club takes bookings for groups of six or more. For smaller groups they encourage entry, and if you are a small group of two or three people they offer a “social roll-up” that allows you to play with other small groups and make new friends.

While many concepts of restaurants try to create a family-friendly environment, the flight club takes a different approach. Cichon says one of the things people respect is the fact that there is no bunch of kids running around that interferes with the experience.

Children over the age of 12 can play accompanied by an adult before 16:00 and anyone over the age of 18 can play after 16:00 but guests must be 21 years old at least after 18:00

Flight Club Darts, 3515 W Dallas, Suite 100. For more information on the opening day and to book, visit the website us.flightclubdarts.com/houston.


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